Playground Surfacing

Come take advantage of my 20+ years of playground design experience, please browse our design choices for each age group. Most models can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A., contact me for a free consultation.
- Doug Gourley

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Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber

Long-term the most cost-effective thanks to its durability. Moldable rubber to fit any space. Easy to repair over time.

Rubber Tiles

Offers the same protection as poured-in-place rubber. Best for square areas or geometrically bound areas. A less intrusive environment.

Shredded Rubber

Made from recycled tires. Good option for filling spaces. Similar to wood chips; does not decompose. Refill every other year, depending on use.

Engineered Wood Fiber

One of the original playground surfacing materials. Treated virgin wood bits, safe for kids. Organic material that needs refilling every year to two years, depending on use. Ideal for churches.

Synthetic Turf

Best for around outside of playgrounds or in toddler play areas; similarly priced to shredded rubber. Not recommended for tall structures because of limited fall protection.

Playground Sand

A cost effective option. Treated sand prevents bacterial & microbial growth. It offers moderate fall height protection. Generally needs to be refilled yearly, depending on use.


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